Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Happy Two Thousand and Nine.

Random drawing of an old fashioned American general store.

So it's finally 2009 and it promises to be a good year (well, all financial nonsenses aside) and I'm well and truly looking forward to it. I haven't blogged in a good while, no real reason as to why. I guess I've just been rather enjoying an extremely lazy month to myself after what seemed like a crazy few months in work. After so long out of gear it's time for me to get moving again, so today I have started to get back on track with my comic book with a little thanks to Sanna for providing me with a rather handy christmas present. Also I had some positive feedback on a piece of work I did when somebody stumbled upon it and proposed to put it to a potential buyer, sadly to no avail but it feels nice to think I may actually have some talent that may be appreciated.
Thank you Sanna!