Wednesday, 3 March 2010

J&J, Phil and I.

It's been an exciting few weeks. At the end of February Mum and I headed down to London on the Sleeper train for me to receive my Duke of Edinburgh award. Having never been on the Sleeper before I must admit it was quite an odd experience, constantly feeling I was going to fall out of bed I never really got the best sleep and then spent the whole of the next day in London with that vertigo-like sensation of feeling like I'd spent a few hours on a boat. The trouble sleeping was rectified on the return journey by consuming a few pints before boarding the train, meaning I more or less slept straight through to Dundee. Most people seem surprised when I tell them I'm only just getting my Duke of Edinburgh award now, it's mainly been down to laziness if I'm honest but it's nice to know that it wasn't just me who was lazy as two others from my school were receiving theirs at the same ceremony. I must admit, I'm not the biggest fan of the royals but it was pretty exciting to get a glimpse inside of St. James' Palace and to see Prince Phillip.

So here's my latest comic, based on a true story. I'm coming up with ideas for comics at a pretty fast rate but still want to get ahold of family photos and some interviews with the concerned to deepen the story-lines and this seems to have hit a bit a snag because of the fact that I've not seen enough of them lately to sit down and chat about these things. So hopefully it'll come to fruition when I get my week break from work in a couple of weeks and will probably head down to the Wirral for a week or so.

Last week was Jen's birthday and we spent the evening at Kokomo's. Jen was part of organizing Jumpers & Jamboree there along with Lauren and Nikki. It was a mighty enjoyable evening with much Art, Craft, Drinks, Music and Raffle prizes. Thanks guys, it surely was a great night and looking forward to your next event whenever and wherever that may be.

J&J poster

It was an extremely busy evening which made me feel a little daft for not having anything to sell, still I had a great time and I'll know to get some stuff together to sell for the next event. The photos here are taken from the Jumpers & Jamboree Flickr group which I have linked to in the previous paragraph, have a gander if you will for some more.

Busy, busy, busy

Andrew Bird (with Tree)

So it's sunday and I don't have much planned for today besides recovering from my week, this blog and maybe sorting a few bits and pieces out that need to be done. Most of all I shall be making the most of my day off and watching the football later on today. Here's hoping you all have equally exciting Sundays.