Wednesday, 9 February 2011

And Then it Rained.

Last week after a few lazy days of not being very productive (again), I decided to take a day trip to Edinburgh in order to try and be more inspired to do some more drawing. As you can see from below it was a rather productive trip but as you can also see I'm still afraid of taking any coloured pencils/pens/paints with me anywhere when I'm doing any sketchbook work.

Well, I decided I fancied looking through the City Art Gallery and The National Museum of Scotland followed by a jaunt up Arthur's Seat for some nice views of the city. However, as is to be expected at this time of year, what started as a gloriously sunny morning in Dundee turned into a pretty wet, wild and windy afternoon in Edinburgh so I never made it up Arthur's Seat and instead dedicated my time to the Museums and Galleries and ended up with a little sketching over a pint of Deuchars in Bobby's Bar (just across the road from The National Museum). Below are my sketchbook pages from my day trip.

(it in fact rained before I started most of these drawings not after)