Friday, 13 February 2009

Hello again one and all. It's been a fair bit of time since I've blogged about anything substantial. I'm not too sure why, I seem to be busy with a whole lot of nothingness really I suppose. Anyhow, over the past few week Jen and I have been doing a sketchbook project for the Art House Co-op entitled 'Everyone We Know', it's been a fun project if not a little rushed as it has to be sent off tomorrow. I feel I should really document the sketchbook as it's off on its way around America and I wont be getting it back.

Ideally, in my mind I had the idea to actually draw everyone that I know but the more I thought about that idea the more difficult it seemed, so in the end I decided to draw as many people as I could. So I formally apologise if I've upset anyone by not including them in my sketchbook, I'm pretty sure I considered drawing you at some point so don't feel too left out. Okay? 

The original idea of 'all of them' didn't really come through

Jen, I like Jen.

I like Jen's style and with some hope she likes mine.

Chris and his ink.

1. Me and dad with a Moroccan friend.
2. Jen and Adam at his leaving party last month.

1. Moi.
2. Martyn's 'Joker' costume.

1. Est Hotel, Paris 2005.
2. Hotel Akouas, Meknes 2008.

More hats please.

1.The Bear (of the Powell family).
2. A Ryan Adams lyric about friends.

The Tackle. Starring Mike 'the Spear' Poland.

1. Old Friends.
2. Jenni's Disguise.

Circles for Everyone

Never Grow Up.

Manly Embrace

1.Sanna as a Geek Zombie.
2. Young Connor.

Hello Operator! Can you give me number 9?

Random shapes.

1. Shinks.
2. Mark.

1. Jack and his homemade Christmas hat.
2. A terrible drawing of John Darnielle.


1. Fi's 'Creep' face.
2. Louise has a bigger sombrero than me.

1. Redd
2. Speedie's musical talents.

1. My shirt.
2. My Mum.

1. Ryan Adams (With beard)
2. A place where we can all live together.

1. Jeff is a Legend.
2. I enjoy Morocco.

Go to Pete's eats. Go on.

C'est Fini.

A formal apology.

I guess that's it for today, I'm not much in the mood for writing loads as I have other things to do. Hopefully you've all enjoyed my little sketchbook, oh and if you happen to be in america go see the show. hopefully I'll get back into the swing of blogging again sometime soon.

Peace out...