Thursday, 2 October 2008

Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards.

Me again. Two weeks ago I  headed back down to Liverpool for two days, a very fleeting visit to say the least but still it was great to go home and see family and have a few pints in my favourite public house with my Dad. Can't beat a pint of Timothy Taylor's from the Magazine's, trust me. Apart from that it's been relatively quiet hence why I've not been blogging a great deal my weeks are generally work, drawing and trips to Dundee in between - this is fine with me just think I'd be writing the same thing every week at the moment. This week I have mostly been:

Listening to Billy Bragg sing about politics.

Starting to illustrate my "Mr.Eraser" comic 
(Sorry, just a sneak preview I'm afraid)

Making my pillow look a bit more 'Palestine'.

...and generally making this place feel more like 'home'.



hellojenuine said...

aw, your little room. i'm glad you're making it a little more homely, it's so white! a blank canvas. (:

i want to seeee the comic, haha. but i will wait patiently.

John Alan Birch said...

hehe i know, it's feeling a bit more like home not that I've got my guitar and more of my stuff in and about it!

you can see the comic when it's finished like everyone else! hehe just kidding, i'll probably asking for your opinions peep x

Jules... said...

Oooh is that a new mac cover?
I like it green :)

John Alan Birch said...

yes jules indeed it is new - i think i prefer it to the red one too :) x