Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Spending December Days Drawing

It's been an absolute age since I blogged last. Not too sure why - think I've been distracted by new gadgets that I have obtained, trips to Edinburgh and Glasgow and also a heck of a lot of work. These are my daily drawings from Jen's 'Every Day A Drawing In December' challenge. I figured that I wanted to put them all up but not totally overload the Sea Legs page with work that I'm not overly proud of. 18 pages in total. Maybe it'll give you an insight into how my brain functions...or maybe not. Here goes - 

1st of December was a Monday

2nd -'There's a room for us in a red brick Denmark' Listening to The Mountain Goats, surprised?

3rd - Some more Mountain Goats 'Do you have the heater on?'

4th - a terrible drawing of Bruce Springsteen prancing about.

5th - Born to love Volcanos (and patterns)

6th - Shame about the weather

7th - Still not convinced

8th - Atop a Moroccan Mountain

9th - Concerning Lead Mining

10th - I Hate Apple Today

11th - Merry Christmas

12th - The Burrow Owl

13th - Owl and Text

14th - Guitar Dance

14th - I'm Okay

15th - Cat

16th - Bring Back The Beard Please...

17th - John Alan Hamish MacBirch

So there you have it. I'm enjoying the challenge, however I go home next Tuesday for Christmas and as a result I will be without a scanner until I return in January sometime. I'll upload as much as possible before I head home for those who are genuinely interested. Also I imagine I will be spending a lot more time blogging while I'm off work for some time...

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