Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Soup and Such.

I very rarely write down the recipes for my soups. I did last week for the first time (Generally, I'll make a soup a week) but then I just ended up throwing out the recipe yesterday as I think I prefer the unknown and adventurous when it comes to soup creation. This week I decided to draw the ingredients as it seemed far more exciting than writing down a recipe, that and I really enjoyed drawing the pears last week so I fancied some more fruit and veg related observational drawing.

8 of your 5: This weeks ingredients minus the Oil, Stock and Spinach.

Yesterday was a fairly productive day food wise: shopping at our local grocer's in the morning for fresh fruit and veg, in the afternoon I made soup and pasta to see us through the next few days for lunch.

'I Never Liked You'

Today has been a little more quiet though if I'm totally honest - my first proper lie in an age saw me staying in bed until just after 11:00am (which is very unlike me), listening to more This American Life, drinking different kinds of tea, drawing and then reading 'I Never Liked You' by Chester Brown, a short but rather enjoyable read that I'd recommend to anyone into comics and such.

It'll kill me when I get a real job.

Yours Soupingly,


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