Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I like suits, why can't I wear suits more often?

After what I must admit has been a crazy few weeks for numerous reasons that I won't go into here it's nice to be able to see an inspirational side to things at the end of all the madness. I've come up with a few ideas and have spent two days just sat at my desk drawing things which feels like some kind of major breakthrough. I suppose it's not really, but it's nice to feel that way.

Another drawing from Mum's Wedding photos

Resolution: Some kind of epiphany? Speaks for itself really.

I do like drawing days. Ultimate relaxation doing something you enjoy.

The comics are hopefully the start of a project that I suppose has been sort of floating around my head for a while but I've been too afraid to do comics again that I just kind of ignored it. That and the fact I've not been productive, but you know that already. There's more of them on the way over the coming weeks and months and I'll probably post some of them to my website too. Keep you all posted.


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