Monday, 12 April 2010

A day out at the Ferry

Drawing plans have hit a little bit of a snag due to the amount of overtime on offer at work at the moment - and I need the money so I'd be a fool to say no to any of it.

I did manage to get a good start on my project idea when I was off two weeks ago and visited my Dad for the week, I got the chance to record him and my Uncle Derek reminiscing about their Dad over a few pints at our favourite local and then spoke to my nan about my Grandad too. Sadly after returning home and working so many hours motivation levels concerning drawing and such have been at an all time low. Finally have a day off today and after a grand day enjoying the sun in Broughty Ferry with Jen I decided to finally get some of the drawings from two weeks ago online.

The ideas are there but the time doesn't seem to be just now.


Me and Mum


Dad, Uncle Frank and Robbie impersonating Deputy Dawg (with socks)

'Year 5' - Comic based on a book of memories my sister made whilst at primary school.

More to come soon...



ian john turner said...

i love the water in the fountain so much. i'm definitely going to have to try something similar soon, if you don't mind me biting your style.

Lor said...

the latest comic is great! and i like the drawing of your dad and depute dog...very funny!

John Alan Birch said...

Thanks guys! Taken me an age to get round to responding to anything - so busy at work at the moment.

Of course I don't mind, always nice to inspire someone elses work if at all possible - let me see when you're done!

Tried to find out from my dad about their deputy dawg impressions but he said it was after a day at the pub and he wasn't too sure why!