Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Only Myself to Blame.

A few weeks without a blog and it's been pretty darned busy what with the weather through November/December making work pretty difficult inspiration toward being creative was pretty low. Well that's passed now so we're on the up again. Here's a brief insight into what's been happening anyhow.

A selection of events from this year and last. (Celtic vs Motherwell, Bottom Left)

At the end of December I finally got to another football game, and went to see Celtic vs. Motherwell in Glasgow with my friend Mark and a few others. The game was decent in the first half but the second took a turn for the worse down to some downright terrible refereeing. It was a deserved 1-0 for Celtic and I must admit I never realised quite how epic Celtic Park actually was. After the game my evening went a little downhill when I lost my train pass and then had to get my Mum to pick me up in Perth and bring me home to Dundee as the latest train from Glasgow is around 10 in the evening (I did know this but I just wasn't really thinking).

Luckily after that mishap I having a fantastic New Year I travelled from Merseyside back home to Dundee and I'd just about given up on finding my train pass and had resigned myself to the fact that they were most likely lost and I would need to pay £30 to get them replaced, it turned out that someone had handed them into Strathclyde police.

Good things come to those who do not want.

Another programme for the collection.

Having found my passes Jen and I decided on a small jaunt down to London Town this weekend past in order to cover the cost we had to pay for a solicitors letter.

Sleeper top bunk (with safety straps).

I must admit I'm not quite used to sleeping on a train yet so the night's sleeps there and back weren't amazing and as usual were followed by the whole on a boat/vertigo kind of feeling that I always seem to get from the Sleeper. That aside it was an ace (and cheap) weekend away.


One thing Jen was set on seeing, that I must admit I didn't know too much about until we got there was 'The Museum of Everything' (although, the sign alone shows just how awesome this place is). I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is in London between now and February 11th when it finishes should definitely give it a look in.

Triceratops and I.

And, one thing I wanted to do was visit the Natural History Museum and look at some Dinosaurs in order to satisfy my inner child. This only came about when I realised that in all my visits to London I'd never actually visited the Natural History Museum, very odd. Now I want to watch Jurassic Park.

The Animatronic T-Rex that everyone was queuing to see.

On Saturday evening we caught up with some friends, had a few drinks played a few games and generally had fun. On Sunday we had a trip to the South Bank to meet Thereza and Lucy (twitter friends) for a chat and a drink before later heading back up to Scotland again.

So far this year I've been feeling a bit more inspired and I'm hoping to look into screenprinting once I've actually got some work that I want to print/sell so watch this space. I'm going to post my latest drawings and such in a separate blog to follow shortly so as to keep dinosaurs, museums, trains and football away from art things.


Photos as usual by Jen.

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