Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hellow Glasgow

Haven't had much time for drawing and such, let alone blogging since making the switch to Glasgow. Starting to settle in now and with a week off on the horizon, I should get some sketching time fitted in and hopefully maybe even a final print for the 'Humble Abodes' collection I've been working on.

Messing around with an ink and water pen that I purchased a few years back and have never actually used.

Queen's Park Chap.

Being less active art-wise, although I don't necessarily see that as a good thing, has given me a chance to enjoy some sports. Starting to get into the NHL this season (in particular the Maple Leafs), thanks to a little guidance from Ian Turner. Also went to see Queen's Park FC (our local football team on Saturday), rather looking forward to following a local team as I can't really watch Everton at the moment, except for televised matches of course. More to come in the next week or so when I'm off.


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