Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sketching, Brighton, London and Goats.

A Chaque Oiseau

First things first, I've finally got back to my Etsy shop and have added a new print (above). The more astute amongst you may have noticed that this is an old print, from 2009. I found a bunch of them when clearing out the portfolio last week and decided I may as well sell a few of them! For anyone who is interested, I am also having a sale in my shop in a hope that it can get me a bit more motivated in producing some more of my own work. Simply have a browse, choose your print and enter the coupon code JABONESCORE for a nice 20% discount, available for the next 7 days.

Below are a selection of things that I probably should've taken some time to write about when at the time but never did...

The Mountain Goats and Anonymous 4 Program

We saw The Mountain Goats and Anonymous 4 earlier this month at the Barbican in London. An amazing gig at a great venue even if they do charge £6 for a pint of spitfire. Also whilst in London I took some time to do some sketches.

These are a bunch of the sketches from a morning spent at the British Museum. I had a few compliments from kids in the museum on my drawings despite the fact that at one point I was sketching a medieval bearded gentleman whilst sitting in a room filled with only Cypriot pottery. Kids today.


A DIY Tattoo on human skin from The Wellcome Collection, London.

A true fact.

In April my Bible collection of grew by one. A collection I may add that I have never personally contributed to.


Brighton Pavillion, March.

Remember - JABONESCORE for 20% off for the next 7days.

More to follow.


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