Wednesday, 21 November 2012

'Tis the Season to be Moustachioed

This image has been a long time coming. I read an interesting article in the in-flight magazine whilst on holiday about Seattle Sounders' Roger Levesque. He's sadly retired from football now but will likely be remembered by many fans for sense of humor, namely his 'timbers chop' celebration against arch rivals the Portland Timbers.

This video is not of that particular celebration but of another rather comical one, oh and watch out for some superb goalkeeping. Real fans root for roger.

So, continuing with the facial hair theme, Movember is well and truly upon us and is about to enter its final week. I've been raising money over on and you can check out my progress here. Any amount you can donate can help to make a huge difference to men's health charities, so if you have a penny or two to spare please take a moment to donate them to my attempt at a moustache.

And with a bit of time and some TLC, I'm hoping to achieve a Dalí.


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