Friday, 4 July 2008

The John Keats Show

After wandering around lovely Liscard for the beginning of the afternoon, I found my way into WH Smith and purchased another Skecthbook...I seem to have more sketchbooks than i know what to do with at the minute, oh well it's not like I won't use them. I thought i needed a bigger sketchbook for getting more 'finished' ideas down. I felt like the books I've been using are a little on the small side for finished things. anyways, blah blah blah, I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on my Dad's veranda in the sun doodling away, got a few bits and bobs down and found myself enjoying what I was drawing properly for the first time in a while. I also discovered that the first page in all of my sketchbooks seems to be the worst one. not that it really matters to much as it is just a "sketch" book after all but maybe from now on I'll start from the end of the book and work backwards...just a thought. 

One of the things I drew this afternoon, think it needs a little more development but I do like it.

I started to pack my stuff for the Morocco trip but i got sidetracked here again, but I won't be able to blog again for about 3 weeks so I suppose I should make the most of it. Tomorrow me and Dad are off to Chester to pick up the last few things we need for the trip and to meet my sister for lunch.

This evenings song? erm..."Cool and Unusual Punishment" by NoFX

Until tomorrow, fare thee well.

J.A. Birch

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jenuine said...

oh! would you believe that i actually thought that was a photo from the thumbnail!? i love it!

boo, i wish you'd be able to update whilst you're away. ):