Friday, 4 July 2008

We regret to inform you that there are no ghosts...only cardboard cutouts of Ted Danson.

Good day. Three days left until we set off for Morocco, this year our trip to Morocco will be a bit more "holiday" oriented with us supposedly working on the electrics in a small centre in Midelt for about a week and then having over a week to travel through Marrakech, Meknes, Fes and the Atlas Mountains by whatever means we can find. I should imagine I'll have plenty of stories and photographs to show when we return on the 23rd of July.

I've still been struggling to get any of the photos from the hat party so this collection put together using Photo Booth and Photoshop will have to suffice.

A selection of hats of the hat party...(left to right) 
1. Indiana Jones hat.
2. Jack's Russian hat (not a very summery option).
3. Moroccan Shepherd's wintertime hat.
4. Unknown.
5. The Illustrious and 100% official Moroccan Fez.
6. Bah Humbug hat (origin unknown)
7. My Cycle Helmet
8. MG cap.
9. El Gringo hat.
10. Lou's Princess hat.
11. Jamaican Rasta hat.
12. Australian hat (origin unknown)
13. Mike's Scottish hat (complete with "Flower of Scotland" tune)
14. Another Scottish hat (origin unknown)
15. Unknown Wicker hat.
16. Fluffy Beret (origin unknown)

So I'm fairly sure that it's rather obvious to the reader that I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment, what with being able to sit around making photo montages of me wearing numerous hats and all. So when I get bored I find myself drawn towards watching rubbish on youtube and I figured it was probably about time that I helped to dispel a few urban legends. Yeah you guessed it, there are actually no ghosts...just cardboard cutouts of Ted Danson so there's no need to worry anymore, now you can sleep soundly huh? Sorry to disappoint all of the believers out there but there's no ghost in the film "3 Men and a Baby" just a cutout of the Ted-meister and don't even get me started on the idea of a munch-kin hanging himself in "The Wizard of Oz", come on now people, this is just getting silly.

There, are you happy now? No ghosts, okay?

Okay I've got things that I should really be sorting out for the Morocco trip on Sunday, so I shall stop procrastinating and be on my way. No doubt I'll be on again later spouting more rubbish.

This Morning's Song -"The Invisible Garden" by Bright Eyes.

J.A. Birch


jenuine said...

goodness, updating again! i like your hat montage. x

Thisishollywood said...

Is that really? I still remember my friend who after watching the a movie was talking like this.

wizard of oz cardboard cutouts