Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Alan vs. Maradona vs. Madonna vs. Elvis vs. Heath Ledger vs. Morgan Freeman vs. Everyone Else.

Everybody must belong somewhere

It's me again. Had an interesting few days since I last wrote, not an awful lot going on but I like it that way at the moment. If you have six minutes of your life to spare you really should check out the Bright Eyes video above. Thanks.

So yeah, went back to Dundee on Sunday (hey that rhymes if you speak in scouse) to visit Jen and we met up with her friend Ross who wanted us to do some banner type things for "The Klub" this weekend and so we started to put them together yesterday evening.

Besides that we went to see the new Batman film, I'm not a huge Batman fan but I did rather enjoy the film to be honest and Heath Ledger was pretty awesome in it too. After Morgan Freeman's car crash the other day my mum pointed out that she thinks the Dark Knight is cursed...who's next? However, I do hope Morgan gets well soon and that the crash wasn't too serious. 

And finally...Jen and I booked ourselves a little holiday and are going to be visiting Dublin for a few days at the end of the month, how very exciting!


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