Friday, 8 August 2008

"Are you ready to order?" ... "I'm not sure, are you ready to advise?"

Another day, another dollar. This week's been okay in work, one incredibly quiet day and then two days incredibly rushed off my feet. All said and done though, I don't mind work too much when it's busy as the time passes much quicker. However what I'm never really in the mood for are people who find something trivial and rude to complain about when they've only spent £1.50 in your place of work. Anyway, I won't go into that just now.

Sneak preview...don't get too excited now.

Travelled back to Dundee yesterday in order to finish the banners Jen and I started for The Klub this Saturday, spent a fair bit of time colouring in a pattern on them which did become rather monotonous (however it was our own fault as we chose which pattern to use), but I think it will have paid off. I would like to be able to show y'all a nice purty picture of the finished banners but I only had my phone to take the picture with so the sneak preview will have to suffice.

"Indeed I am Lois....but wheeeeeere!?"

Not having to be in work today until 12, I had a few hours sitting around the house not doing alot. I had intended to draw in my sketchbooks and finish a piece of  work I started the other day, but after last nights escapades with the banners I couldn't really be arsed. So instead of being creative I sat and watched a couple of episodes of Family Guy, sometimes I forget how genius that show really is, watch the above clip, I think you'll understand.

One comment made by a German gentleman in my work left me a little befuddled. (for those that don't know i work as a waiter in my Mum's coffee shop in Perth).

Me: Hi there, are you ready to order?

German Man: That depends, are you ready to advise?

He went on to apologise, saying his English wasn't too great (it seemed good enough to me, maybe he was just having some fun with me) It turned out that he wanted advice in the choice of which burger he should have. Basically my answer should've been, No I am not ready to advise...I apologise.

POST SCRIPT: Can anyone recommend any music for me to listen to? everything i put on at the moment seems to have stagnated and I don't want to listen to any of 5,712 songs on my computer.

Auf Wiedersehen,

John (alan) Birch.


jenuine said...

haha, i took a photo of the banner almost identical to that this morning!
i've downloaded some why? & of montreal, but i don't think you'd like either much to be honest. :/ wilco?

John Alan Birch said...

Hehe, i was trying to explain to my mum what the banners where like. You gave me some wilco already, it's okay but it reminds me of someone and i'm not sure who and it annoys me. but i'll listen to other stuff if you think i'll like it? I'm just downloading arcade fire although no doubt i'll get bored of that soon enough! dunno why i can't find something i REEAAALLLY wanna listen to.