Thursday, 30 April 2009

Too Long

Okay, I'm back again. It's been far too long since I last blogged. I've been mega busy, I started a new job last month and I've been training full time for 6 weeks altogether and still have (at least) 2 weeks of training left to go. All this work has had a serious effect on the amount I've been drawing as I think I've only produced 3 drawings over the past 6 weeks, two of which where cards (one mother's day card and one birthday card) so they don't really count in my eyes. It's not the end of the world though as the training has been a nice experience, something a little out of the ordinary for me I guess. 

Once I've been 'passed out' from my training I will be working 17.5 Hours per week which is going to give me much more time to do some illustrating/blogging and the likes. Work is fine, nice people to work with and a nice change from my old job, I'm just not used to working full time really, and it's taken some adjustment to get used to and then in two weeks I'm back to part time again, so I'll be fully adjusted just in time to adjust back. Typical. 

But I really shouldn't complain because I'll finally have some time to be creative at last. 

3 weeks ago I moved in with Jen and Sanna in Dundee. I must admit, it's ace to be back in Dundee again, it feels like home already. Also Jen and I purchased an IKEA bed as we can now afford to as we are both working, and I've not had a bad nights sleep in it yet. Awesome. 

my side of the bed.

Other news? My Mum is getting married in October of this year, I'm really happy for her and looking forward to the wedding, it's not going to be a big ceremony but I will be giving my mum away and apparently I have to make a speech which I'm not too sure about. I'm sure it'll be fine anyway. 

my new Superdry shirt.

In January this year I discovered Superdry shirts, such a good make of shirt. I remember walking into a shop called 'Cult' while I was visiting Liverpool One and it was covered wall to wall with checkered shirts, I thought I was in heaven. I must admit they cost a little more than I would care to spend on a shirt really but they're awesome quality. I just purchased my second one recently after my first paycheck. 

Most of my free time at the moment has been spent playing Star Wars Battlefront (I & II) on my Playstation 2 and come the bank holiday weekend I plan to begin watching the Star Wars saga from the beginning including the Clone Wars movie and all four Clone Wars spin off series (i'm currently reading the online Clone Wars webcomic as we speak too). I am aware of how much of a geek this single paragraph makes me look but I'm really looking forward to it, it's been too long since I last watched anything Star Wars. Oh, and to put a cherry on top of that already immensely geeky paragraph I purchased a 501st Legion Clone Trooper figurine for my bedroom. Sweet.

Music-wise I've been enjoying my 5 Star playlist in iTunes. I've been rating my library right from the beginning and I'm currently up to 'F' in the rate-athon. Again 'geek = yes' but it's such an amazing playlist that I don't care what you think. Really enjoying Mumford & Sons at the moment courtesy of one of Jen's work colleagues. 

More to come.


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Lor said...

heelo! i love the new look blog, very sophistocated :) i have not been on for a while as its been very busy, i'm sure you can remember. anyway just to let you know there is a superdry shop in st andrews which cool! hope to see you friday at the opening with jen and sanna x x