Sunday, 3 May 2009

Any day now...

This week I have been listening to Jeff Buckley quite a bit (mostly 'Hallelujah' as I'm sure my page will show), I've been wanting to listen to his stuff for a while and quite a few people over the years have said 'you'll like his stuff'. generally I'm quite stubborn if someone tells me what I'm going to like, hence why it has taken my this long to get round to listening to him. Another song that I enjoyed in particular was his cover of Bob Dylan's 'I Shall Be Released' from the 'Live at Sin-é' CD.

I couldn't find Jeff's version so here's Bob's. 
Give it a listen. Go on.

I also managed to get hold of the new EP from The Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice, anyone who knows me will already be aware of how big a fan I am of The Mountain Goats, well I'm also quite fond of John Vanderslice's music too so this EP promised to be awesome even before I heard any of it. Let's just say that it didn't disappoint at all. I really hope that The Mountain Goats come back to Scotland some time soon. 

The Mountain Goats & John Vanderslice: Moon Colony Bloodbath

The Bank Holiday weekend is going swell, I feel incredibly lazy but it feels like i've been due a little bit of laziness after being busy with work and whatnot. I managed to get my blog unlocked again after the people at blogger decided that 'A Collage of Senselessness' was not a spam blog. It's nice to be in the mood to blog again and spend some time doing stuff like that, and for once I did a little bit of a drawing. I am aware that it was only a header for this blog but it felt good to actually put something inside my sketchbook for the first time in a while. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of blogging and drawing now anyway.

501st Legion Insignia

STATUS REPORT: 'Begun, this Clone War has'. Having started watching Star Wars again from the beginning on Thursday night, I am now mid way through the Clone Wars series which I'm rather enjoying (I'm sure I didn't need to tell you that though), although at about 12 and a half hours of viewing time it is quite a challenge so I'm taking a break just now by writing up about this nonsense. I can't wait to watch 'Revenge of the Sith', just for Ewan McGregor's speech at the end. Powerful.

Keep it coming.



Sanna Dyker said...

Yay for the return of blogging! Your mention of the Mountain Goats ep reminded me to tell you that Sunset Rubdown have a new album coming out at the end of June, can't wait! x

John Alan Birch said...

yeah it's nice to blog again! Just have to make sure that I can get into the habit of doing it more regularly, I don't write much sense but it's fun nonetheless!

Yeah the Mountain Goats EP is swell, besides that I don't think I really have much new stuff, will also be looking forward to Sunset Rubdown too, thanks for letting me know!