Thursday, 18 June 2009

Happy 'Birch'-Day

My Boylan's Birch Beer Glass

Today it is my birthday, and I am officially 23 years young. I got a nice new glass from Jen and a bunch of cards from family. Tonight Jen and I are off out to see 'Looking for Eric' at the Cinema. It's been a nice day despite having to work the 10:00am shift at work (probably my least favourite of all the shifts) but I'm only working today and tomorrow after having had 5 days off and then I'm off for another six days. So any form of complaint from me seems a little unfounded to be honest. Looking forward to a wee trip with Jen and her family up into the highlands on Saturday, and who knows...maybe next week I may put my train pass to some use and actually go on a day trip somewhere I've never been before and do some drawing!


Sheyka said...

wow, your drawings is very good :) I've linked you in my blog, okay?

btw, what paint, pencil, and marker did you use? i love your lego drawing

John Alan Birch said...

Sorry Sheyka, Ive not checked my blog in few days, apologies for the late reply. Sure it's fine that you linked me.

Which drawing are you talking about in particular? I use a few different pens as I'm struggling to find one that I really love to be honest

Here's what I generally use:

Paints: Daler-Rowney Watercolours,

Brush Pens: Pentel brush pen and Faber Castell Brush pens

Fineline pens: Staedtler pigment liner (0.05) and uniball micro Deluxe

As i say there my favoured ones but i do tend to switch about a bit to be honesy.