Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sink Dundee, Sink.

This week I've been slowly attempting to get myself into some sort of routine again. The past month or so has been rather eventful on most fronts apart from the 'Art' front if I'm totally honest. In an attempt to get myself back into gear I have set myself the task of completing (at least) two pages a day in my sketchbook in a hope to let me draw some inspiration from something. Although I am quite lenient with myself, if for some reason I don't do the sketchbook pages one day then they will accumulate to the next. I haven't been feeling too inspired by the things I've been drawing lately so hopefully this may help some. Also Jen's been helpful in mentioning a few projects that I think I'll enter into, again it gives me something to do and hopefully get me moving and feeling a little more confident of my work again.

So the past month as I mentioned was eventful, my friend Dave visited Dundee for the second time, Jen and I had a holiday to Skye with her family and I joined my family for a holiday on the West Coast, Mumford & Sons concert in Edinburgh, Inglourious Basterds preview, a few days of work in between and this weekend I'm back off to the Wirral again to see a friend from Morocco. I've been kept busy to say the least but it has been rather enjoyable.

Today's been a successful day as far as drawing and stuff creative goes, getting into the swing of things again. It's also been raining very heavily, I like the rain though, it's nice to be inside in the warmth and just listen to the rain and know that I don't have to leave the house until tomorrow morning, I sure hope it's dry tomorrow though.

A new painting for the bedroom wall.

The old painting from the bedroom wall. (I'm not a fan of this picture...)

Sketchbook pages (Proof of work!) Chickens from Carrbridge

More sketchbook stuff: Moroccan Water seller and New York street sign.

Sketchbook stuff: Jen's little wooden church.

Note: For safety reasons not all sketchbook work has been included as some of it is terrible and boring.

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