Wednesday, 9 September 2009

New website at last.

So, at long last I've managed to put a new website together, I must admit I didn't care too much for my old site and I've wanted to change it since day one but it's done it's job over the past year or so. I did half expect that the creation of new site would take me a long while to put together and I was rather surprised at the fact that it only took three days (still, I'm totally unaware if this is a good frame of time for web design, but for me, a laymen, it seems quite good.) Hopefully getting the new website out of the way will pave the way for me actually using my free time more constructively over the coming months and actually put some more substantial work together. Anyway, check out the site if you have 5 minutes -

1 comment:

Lor said...

heelo! i am loving your new site. it's very cool, sophisticated :) well done! i really need to take some inspiration from you and do mine, need to get some space first. i had a look at the orange small site, what package did you get?? hope all is good with you x