Monday, 11 May 2009

I Told You I Could Still Do It

Self Portrait

See? Told you so. Okay so it's not a whole bunch of amazing work and it didn't take up an awful lot of my time, but it felt great to actually put something inside a sketchbook again, to feel creative for once. Looking forward to finishing a sketchbook and starting a new one - it always feels rather monumental when this happens and I was on such a roll with my latest sketchbook at the end of last year (before getting a new job), that I'm a little disappointed that it's taken me this long to get round to nearly filling it. I suppose it should be about 'quality not quantity', but at the moment I must admit the idea of quantity will probably help me build up a bit of confidence in my drawing again. Here's to art and all things creative... Fingers crossed.

A jolly fellow from 'Canadian Tire'.

an attempt at drawing The Mountain Goats.

The first picture in an age: the new room.

Not sure why but i seem to have an
 inclination to drawing houses at the moment.

...and surprise, surprise a 
Star Wars related drawing.

Hoping to keep up this creative spurt,


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