Sunday, 17 May 2009

Keep At It.

Another weeks worth of training is out of the way and I'm still fervently looking forward to when I can actually be classed as 'Part Time' and do some proper work outside of my sketchbook. Still, I've been doing a bit more drawing this week, trying to keep up this slight bit of creativity. Here's a collection of a few bits and pieces from this weeks drawing exploits:

Signpost, Marrakech. 
(everything you seek is in the same general direction)

Clone Trooper of the 501st Legion

Now would probably be a good point to state that I have finished watching the Star Wars saga from start to finish, and I suppose this drawing was kind of a way to get it fully out of my system (until next time anyway...) I'm still unsure which my favourite of the movies would be but I did enjoy my Star Wars journey. I'm always disappointed that it has to end with the Ewoks being the ones who save the day, it just doesn't seem possible. Surely the Galaxy could be saved by a cooler (less cute) character?
I just felt the urge to draw an Orca Whale, not too sure why.

I've been looking for a new cup since my last one got a tiny crack in the handle and couldn't seem to find anything that I liked mugwise, when I remembered that Jen had given me a mug a couple of years ago with a drawing of a kitty on it, I really like the mug but have never used it due to the fact that the drawing wasn't permanent and I didn't want to wash it off the cup. Anyway, I decided I would use it, so I took a photo of the cup, sadly I only thought of taking a photo of it after washing a little bit of the drawing off. I was a little hungover yesterday and so my brain wasn't quite functioning at full speed.

'I Like Tea Too' (...and wine)

All of that aside, it's been a great weekend. Had quite a lot to drink on Friday, hung out with Connor, watching TV and playing Playstation3 until 4 in the morning and then last night went out for Stewart's birthday which was equally fun. Two hangovers in a row but I had a good time. Today's been nice too, sitting chilling out with Jen and being quiet on the couch, should probably make dinner soon too. Back to work tomorrow, bring on the early shift for the rest of the week.

Peace and love.


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