Monday, 26 October 2009

And Now for Something Completely Different...

A man with two noses...

Last week turned out to be a rather busy one, spent a fair bit of time preparing for Mum and Darren's Wedding which was on Friday Afternoon. I was giving my mum away and as a result had to make a speech (well I didn't have to, but I wanted to) and I must be honest I'm hardly renowned for my public speaking, I think I made a speech at my 18th birthday but I was fairly inebriated when I was asked so it never really phased me at all. I was pretty damn nervous at making the speech on Friday though, infront of about 150 odd people and without any of the Dutch courage, however it went okay and a few people even said I seemed really confident...Not likely. I had a fantastic time at the wedding and I'm really happy for Mum and so was everyone else I spoke to. It was great to see everyone together again, I hadn't seem some of my relatives for over 5 years so it was awesome to have a drink and catch up, hope it's not too long before we all see each other again. I'd like to thank everyone who came once again (if you happen to read this that is).

Me and Jen at the Wedding

At least everyone's having fun. (Me, Andrew, Emma and Alison)

On Saturday Morning after the wedding I was hungover, as was to be expected really. So me, Graham and Louise went for breakfast in Morrison's, it's been a while since I've had a fry up and it tastes about 100 times better when you're hungover. Afterwards I spent the rest of Saturday lazing around and slowly making my way back to Dundee where I played some XBOX and watched Monty Python's Flying Circus. Sadly my hangover decided to make it's way over to Sunday morning as well so Sunday was fairly uneventful too apart from doing a few bits around the flat and meeting Jen's family for a chinese. Today I rolled out of bed and straight into my sketchbook, I'm finding it difficult to carry on with the whole 'drawing signs' idea as I had stated in previous blogs, I may pick it up again when I feel the time is right, but this morning I felt like doing some self indulgent stuff, drawings of people with brush pen and fineline. Awesome. After seeing how these images turned out in the sketchbook I am pretty tempted to do some large scale versions of these and maybe a few more, which is nice as I finally have some room to be able to do this.

John Cleese. Inspired by my recent watchings of Fawlty Towers
and Monty Python I love how eccentric his hair makes him look.

Mr. Tarantino

Bill Murray.

So that's that really, I enjoyed drawing portraits again, if you can call them that. I may take a bit of time this week and do some larger scale versions and just go crazy with detail and hopefully carry on enjoying my drawings and maybe build up some steam on the inspiration front to keep me making more creative stuff more frequently. Novemeber promises to be a quieter month than the past few have been so...'s hoping.


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