Monday, 19 October 2009

If All Else Fails.

Something to listen to this week: 'Kate Miccuci - Just Say When'

Just a short blog today, have had a nice quiet weekend after a night out on Friday and a hangover on Saturday. Watched 'In Bruges' last night, a film that a fair few people I know had been singing the praises of and I finally got around to seeing, I must admit I did really enjoy it, and from watching it I'm now listening to the Dubliners a fair bit today, delightfully Celtic and Jaunty. Anyways, here's some more drawing and the likes.

Roald Dahl from this Saturday's Guardian 'Review' section.

Self Portrait.

On my twitter I posted saying: My artistic words of wisdom for the week - "If all else fails draw a self portait". But what then do you do when the self-portrait fails? I'm not overly impressed with the self portrait, firstly, whenever I draw myself lately I have this tendency to draw my eyes too far apart, I end up looking like a frog or something and secondly, I feel that the shirt pattern was a bit too much, and it looked better before I added it. I suppose my twitter should've said - "If all else fails then carry on with what you were already doing before". Which is what I did.


Jasmine Tea

7up - YOU LIKE IT . IT LIKES YOU. (treating a sketchbook like a sketchbook again).

This week promises to be a fairly eventful one, despite having only one day at work this week on Thursday, it's my mum's wedding day on Friday during which I will be giving my mum away and making a speech, I must admit, I'm fairly nervous about the whole thing but looking forward to it all nonetheless!


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