Thursday, 29 October 2009

Four Blokes and a Mountain Dwelling Mammal.

The past few days have been rather productive after recovering from what I can only assume was some form of Cold from the busy weekend. I decided to take some of the portraits in the previous blog to the next level, alot of the work I've done recently (if not all of the work I've done recently) has been sketchbook based so I nailed a piece of cardboard to the wall (we have woodchip you see, terrible for drawing on) and set out doing some pieces that were A2 sized and larger. It feels good to actually do some substantial work, and the both of the last two days spent drawing took up the majority of the day - time well spent if you ask me.

John Cleese, lately I've been watching ALOT of Monty Python.

Bill Murray.

Dean Martin, from a time when excessive smoking and drinking were endearing qualities.

Me, from a photo taken last year after playing baseball in Morocco. Random.

A Mountain Goat, for obvious reasons.

I've been rather enjoying my Pentel Brush pen as you can probably tell, The Mountain Goat picture was done solely for the reason that I wanted to go overboard on the whole brushstroke marks that it makes, I think that the paper that I've used and the fact that the pen is starting to run out helped this somewhat too. I also like how my beard turned out in the Self-Portrait (I do miss my beard)...all of this brush pen-ness now means I need to purchase some more refills, and I only replaced it a few weeks ago. Oh well, at least I'm having fun I suppose.

On top of the work I've been doing, drawing in the studio and listening to music has given me time to think, which is a side of art I seem to have forgotten about as recently any drawing I've done never really takes up much longer than 30mins or so - drawing in a sketchbook and rather small unadventurous stuff. Anyway, working on the larger pieces has seen me take about two to three hours per piece and the has got me thinking onto a few more ideas that are hopefully going to keep me busy for the next few weeks and create a nice body of work. Hopefully.

After all this busy-ness I'm off to play the latest Grand Theft Auto installment, back to drawing tomorrow. Keep you informed.


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